Propane Price Cap Program

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Amazing Propane Price Cap Program

Maximize Your Savings Using Our Winter Price Cap Program

When you depend on L A Bexten for your heating requirement, you're sure to have savings. However, you can save further by making use of our price cap programs. Contact us today for further information.
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Learn More About Our User-Friendly Propane Price Cap Program

A cap program locks in your price for the winter months, which helps to keep your cost down. We offer two options for cap programs during the winter months. 

Our programs are:
  1.  Pay-as-you-go. A minimal fee locks in your price per gallon for the winter heating season. Then you pay that price whenever you get propane delivered
  2. Pay up-front for a portion of your estimated winter usage (around 75%). This locks in an even lower price for the winter season. The office can help you determine the number of gallons you use
And the best part is that our winter cap programs are worse-case scenario cap programs. That means if market conditions change and our everyday price drops below your price cap, you get the cheaper price.

Pricing for our winter cap program will be mailed to all our customers in late July or early August. Call the office or email and we'll mail you the pricing when it becomes available.

Sign-up must be completed by September 30. Your account must remain in good standing to remain in the program.
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